Newborns & Infants

Babies are cute little angels without wings, aren’t they? Parenting them, however, is not so angelic. Nevertheless, parenting is a necessity, right? Everyone has to do it at some point. So here are a few tips to help with your parenting.

First of all, a first-time mother should know what she can do with all the help she can get. Normally, staff at the hospital where the delivery is conducted gives advice and tips to mothers to help them cope with the needs of the baby. Breast feeding is important activity for which the mother needs guidance. Warm breasts cause good milk flow, but initially breasts might become sore after feeding. Using ice packs will relieve the pain. Also, the newborn needs to be propped up slightly during breast feeding to prevent aspiration and regurgitation into the nasal cavity.

Second, to all the mothers out there, remember that baby care also happens to be one of the responsibilities of dads. Fathers ought to play their part in bringing up the child. Now that does not mean that they should look after them 24/7, but the male guardian of the family should be encouraged to spend some time with the baby. This is to create a special bond between the child and the father. Contrary to most beliefs, children rapidly and deeply associate with their parents, and if they feel safe with them, their growth is affected positively.

Third, babies are delicate. In fact, they are too delicate for the adults to understand; more precisely, they are fragile. Never grip your baby tightly, or shake him or her joyfully or during frustration. Their joints are weak, their bones are friable, and their bodies are very delicate. Medically, a child should be protected; any complications tend to be either disfiguring or life-threatening. Take care of their body systems; there is absolutely no need to feed them whatever you can find. Baby formulas are available that cater to their nutritional needs. Go for them instead of conjuring up something of your own. Remember, to get them all the required vaccines as prescribed by your Pediatrician.

Then, there is the fourth tip, which is perhaps the most important of all. Never leave your newborn alone. Babies, especially when they start to crawl, are curious little creatures who will explore every corner within their reach. While they learn and polish their reflexes through this, they also expose themselves to great dangers. They will put anything and everything in their mouths. Apart from germs and dirt that they ingest through this, they will also swallow larger things and may even aspirate them. A choking baby is a soon-to-be-dead baby. Babies are not as resilient as adults. Even if they do not put such things into their mouths, they might shove them in their ears or nostrils, and such things may remain undiscovered until they cause infection or laceration inside. Therefore, keep an eagle’s eye on your child. I know that sounds tiring, but that’s the way it is, and that’s the fun in it.

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