Pregnancy & Prenatal


Nature has inculcated in every woman a desire to become pregnant, bear children, and raise them. In short, every woman has an unborn, hidden mother inside her. While getting pregnant is an event that happens and should happen at least once in every woman’s life, it is not exactly a piece of cake. The woman and her family need to know that pregnancy is a delicate phase and that care of a pregnant woman requires combined and harmonious efforts on their parts.

Pregnancy poses great stresses on the body of a woman. It causes exaggerated effects on her heart because it requires it to work harder. The woman has to supply enough nutrients and oxygen to sustain herself and her baby. This is why it is highly recommended for a pregnant woman not only to take care of her diet and surroundings (healthy and fresh air is required; even passive smoking will cause deleterious effects on the growth of the baby), but also make regular trips to her doctor and get her blood pressure checked. A rapid rise in blood pressure happens to be a very common complaint among pregnant women; called pre-eclampsia, it can become life threatening for both the mother and the child. Timely checks of blood pressure with adequate measures to bring the pressure down is almost always life saving.

Next, diet is extremely important. A pregnant woman will need all the nutrients she can get. Fresh fruits and vegetables have lots of vitamins in them; however, if the woman can afford buying extra supplements, she should get them. Also, the intake of dairy products, especially milk, needs to be doubled or increased. Why? Your body has calcium which is stored mostly in bones. In pregnancy, calcium mobilization from bones is accelerated. You need to make sure that your bones are strong enough to carry the weight of the baby and your body without buckling and being damaged. And then there is iron. No matter how much you take it, it is never enough. Iron supplements are a necessity, as much as oxygen is. An anemic pregnant woman might certainly be putting her baby’s growth at great risk. Lots of proteins are required, so meat and egg intake needs to be increased.

Third, and this is perhaps the most crucial point of all, a pregnant woman needs to keep herself relaxed. Pregnancy plays havoc with your hormonal systems. It makes you sensitive; it makes you angry. When you get angry or hurt, your adrenals flush out gallons of adrenaline throughout your whole body. This adrenaline axes your body’s relaxation system (parasympathetic system) and causes your heart to beat madly and your blood vessels to constrict at different points and affects nearly all of the organs. No matter what anyone says, the family of a pregnant woman needs to take care of her to allow her to manage her pregnancy successfully and safely. This will lead to the birth of a happy and healthy baby.

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