Planning & pre-pregnancy

Family planning should be inculcated into every house as a necessity. While most of the people do appreciate the logic behind this, there are still a few orthodox views in certain areas of the world, particularly the third-world countries, where family planning is targeted as something devilish and unreligious. Nevertheless, the benefits of family planning far outweigh its rare adverse effects. The medical field has advanced relentlessly in this aspect, starting from simple education of the couple, going through tablets and intrauterine devices and ending at surgeries like vasectomies and ligation of the uterine tubes.

Family planning is heavily advised to each couple to enable them live and provide their children with a quality life. Every couple needs to take a long hard look at their income and future prospects before deciding to start a family. Can they afford to raise five children? Will they be able to provide them with the basic necessities of life? Will they be able to afford their education? If not, then they might need to go for contraceptive methods just in case. There are a number of such methods. For one, if the couple already has a baby, then the period of lactation acts as a natural contraceptive. For another, tablets and intrauterine devices are available for the females to prevent ovulation, fertilization and conception. Then there are the extreme measures of vasectomy and ligation, usually adopted late in life.

Family planning is one of the major ways to maintain female health. Pregnancy takes a great toll on the female body and mind. Associated with this fact is the great need of prenatal care. When a woman becomes pregnant, she and her entire family need to understand the requirements of prenatal care. A comfortable household environment, together with ample diet or as much nutritious diet as the family can afford, and supplemented with regular visits to a doctor, or preferably a gynecologist, outlines those requirements. Peace of mind and body are required by the pregnant woman; as she is already facing wreck and havoc of hormones in her body, any stress may precipitate tantrums and rise in blood pressure. A rapid rise of blood pressure can be life threatening, or in any case may cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all pregnant women to get their blood pressures monitored at least once or twice each week. Alongside this, regular supplements of vitamins and iron might be required, together with lots of meat to meet the protein requirements. Those families who may not be able to afford such supplements and lavish foods should at least try to get as much nutrition for the pregnant woman as possible. The fact that she is creating an entire life inside her and that she needs to sustain herself and that life should be respected in all circles.

A footnote to this discussion: all pregnant women should know that as long as they are not doctors, they have absolutely no right to decide their medicines themselves. Over the counter drugs taken during the wrong trimester can lead to fetal abnormalities. A little caution and a little care are necessary when harboring a baby in your body. Have a safe pregnancy!

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