Parents are made, not born

Parenting is quite a complicated job, especially in the times we currently happen to live in. However, when it comes to parenting new-born, the fear and anxiety has always been present since time immemorial. The fact is that, you learn to be parents only when you happen to have a child of your own. No amount of advice from your own parents on how good a parent you should or shouldn’t be is going to help with your parenting issues. In fact, it is one of those things you have got to figure out on your- or at least with your partner. There is always the problem of not being able to understand your new-born’s constant cries, and almost everybody has trouble figuring it out. It is not uncommon for your child to cry for attention, sometimes it could be hunger or sometimes it could be gas- the key here is to be patient and stay calm. See, babies can sense when a person is compassionate or not, so the more you hug and cuddle your baby the better.
Most of us tend to hire nannies to take care of our babies while we are away working; these are the times when your child slowly learns to be independent. There is no point in continuously smothering your child or bombarding your nanny’s phone with several calls while you’re away. There are times when you will have to learn to let go, the bond between the parents and their child is not always measured in terms of the number of hours they spend together, but more pointedly it is how well you handle your child within the time you get. The more you worry, more is the trouble you’ll find yourself in. So, let go of all those inhibitions, have an open mind and enjoy Parenthood!

Parenting styles

A parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing. There are many differing theories and opinions on the best ways to rear children, as well as differing levels of time and effort that parents are willing to invest. Many parents create their own style from a combination of factors, and these may evolve over time as the… More

Parents Helping Parents

Parents Helping Parents is an American non-profit organization. It is based in Watertown, Massachusetts. The organization offers support groups in several dozen locations across Massachusetts. The groups meet weekly so that members can receive and give support to one another. References Susan Chaityn Lebovits (2007-12-16). “Offering a parental shoulder”. The Boston Globe. Nora Cardec (2000-09-17). “Group Helps Lessen Stress of Raising Kids”. Worcester Telegram &… More