Parenting skills – Understanding the different types of Cries!

Each and every child is born with unique characteristics, personalities and features that define themselves. Even though there are different characteristics, these babies have needs that are quite similar. Only a parent can understand their child completely. This is where parenting skills of the mother and father comes into play. Parents are always in a situation where they are either concerned about them too much or not concerned at all. These concerns include the feeding habit for the child, the major difference between their crying and few more. One major concern for the parents is to maintain the body weight of the baby constantly. Healthy and nutritional foods should be fed to them according to their habits. Check with the pediatrician about the kid’s health from time to time. Sometimes the babies would cry just to seek attention and sometimes because they are hungry. There are quite a few numbers of cries and their meaning listed below.
• Hunger cry – Babies that are hungry would usually cry in low pitch keeping a certain rhythm. Other symptoms of the baby being hungry are thumb-sucking, inability to be calmed down and rooting.
• Discomfort cry – There are various situations in which a child can feel uncomfortable. Some of them need a diaper change or they might feel too cold or hot. Other babied feel discomfort when their blankets are not on them.
• Restless cry – Usually the newborn babies need to be given attention for a healthy development in them. Restless cry is usually displayed to seek attention. The baby would stop crying if the attention of given to them.
• Painful cry – A painful cry is loud and sometimes even screeching noises are made. When a newborn is exhibiting a painful cry, it is difficult to spot. Hence, a child needs care all through the day.

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