Parenting a newborn – How is it made easy?

“A pregnancy is like a re-birth to a woman” but nurturing and parenting a baby is a difficult task than giving birth to a child. A newborn should be given maximum attention by the mother who will give the baby a confidence and feeling of safety in someone’s hands. Lack of attention is a risk as the newborn assumes that he/she is left alone to face the world. In that case, a newborn baby will try to seek attention of the mother by crying. This is when a mother exhibits her parenting skills by laying on her side and by gently patting her.
Raising a child is not easy, it involves a mother helping a child to be energetic by singing, making funny faces and playing with her. This will make the baby tired and induces hunger and sleep. Sleeping at regular intervals will ensure a baby’s growth. Also, cuddling the baby will improve the brain development which is essential for a growing baby. A baby needs to be comfortable all the time which is when the newborn will be active and healthy as well. Regular checkups along with parenting classes will help any mother foster a newborn safe and sound.
Few tips to keep a newborn healthy:
• Protect the baby against germs. Immunization as prescribed by the doctor must be takes at regular intervals.
• Do not give un-prescribed medications to the newborn. This will be allergic as well as fatal to the baby.
• Keep the surroundings clean and harmful objects out of reach.
• Protect the newborn’s ears carefully. A baby’s ears are so delicate and sound of large decibels may even lead to hearing impairment.
• Keep the baby under your watch 24/7. This will prevent the baby getting hurt, prevent falls and choking.

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